You know that one friend you have, who you always go to for tech tips, the best app to organize your life, or what you should wear with a fitness tracker? Imagine that tech-savvy stylish friend, wrapped up into a blog. Add a dash of San Francisco flavor and a type-A nerd and you’ve got Tech So Lovely, the blog dedicated to the intersection of tech, nerdiness and style. Because we believe all three really belong together.

And by we, I mean me: Nena, a 20-something who jumped into the tech PR world with gusto after graduating in journalism from San Francisco State, and has called the city home ever since.

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After messing around with various personal blogs for a few years, my obsession with technology inspired me to create a blog where I could share my favorite tech tips, obsession with Comic-Con and Harry Potter, and my attempt to stay stylish at the same time.

Which leads us to Tech So Lovely, also known as #TSL. If you love life-changing Chrome extensions, freak out over new trailers of Game of Thrones and Star Wars, and hearing about a millennial’s misadventures in a crazy city, then this is the blog for you. You’ll get a regular dose of nerdiness, tech tips, and style advice for both fitness trackers and everyday cosplay, and really cute pictures of my cat. I write regular app roundups, weekend downloads to help you catch up on the best news and tech, and regular posts about things like Goodreads Challenges and hacking your workday. It’s a space where I’m sharing both my favorite things and new things I’m discovering all the time as a young woman obsessed with tech in SF.

So get reading! There’s specific sections for Tech, Geek and Style to help get your feet wet, and don’t forget to follow the blog on Facebook and Instagram, and the girl behind it all on Twitter and Insta as well.