How To Make Your Capsule Closet a (Stylish) Reality


Having only a few items in your closet takes determination: determination to not spend money to fill those empty hangers, determination to stay creative with outfits, determination not to live in my yoga pants.

As you might’ve seen earlier this week on the blog, I finally achieved a capsule closet with the help of the Kon Mari Method. The discard phase inspired me to keep the large number of items out of my closet, and create one that is only items I love. But that’s easier said than done. How do you clean out all those lovely clothes without just a Goodwill dump? How do you stay inspired with under 40 items in your closet? What do you do when you’re bored with everything?

Thank goodness for the following startups, tech and a handy dandy workbook that made the capsule closet a dream come true, after my crazy Kon Mari discard. If you’re looking for companies to help you clear your closet, lend you cute things to wear, and keep you inspired, read on!



Do you ever make a pile of clothes to sell at a consignment store, but never make it there and end up dumping it in one of those bins at the gas station? Yeah, me too. Guess who solves that problem? ThredUp!

ThredUp is an online consignment store that will send you a magical “Closet Clean Out” bag to make it super easy to send them your fantastic, lightly used designer items. Just sign up online, request your bag, fill it up and stick it in the mail! ThredUp goes through it and buys the items they want, and you make the $$ by walking to the mailbox. ThredUp is where I sent the barely used items during my KonMari clean-out, and it made it crazy easy. (Thanks guys!)

Le Tote

Real talk, I wouldn’t have a capsule closet without Le Tote. Literally would not be feasible. But with Le Tote, my entire relationship with my closet changed and I love it.

Le Tote is a magical service that acts as a “Netflix” for clothes, if you’re thinking of the DVD part of the business. It has a huge selection of stylish clothes and accessories, which you “like” to build you closet and profile, and Le Tote sends you three clothing items and two accessories for you to enjoy as long as you want before sending it back and getting a new set. You’re able to buy items if you want to keep them, at a discounted rate, but you can always get them again at a later time. Aka, it’s a constant new closet to keep your style feeling fresh. I love, love Le Tote and can’t imagine life without these endless options. It lets me focus on having quality basics and staples in my real closet, with Le Tote providing extra fun and flavor to it year round.


Trying to come up with creative ideas on what to pair in your closet? Polyvore’s Remix app makes it easy to come up with new ideas, based on creations by users. You can search for specific items to find sets around them, whether it’s a boot you want to wear, a chambray top, etc. Plus, you can save items and outfit ideas for later revenge. Disclaimer: Polyvore is a client at my agency, but I’m including because I seriously love their app.

Unfancy’s Wardrobe Planner

Unfancy is a minimalist fashion blog focused on rocking the capsule closet. She’s put together a great guide to help you build one, too! Go here to download the wardrobe planner. It’s a really helpful way to start thinking about what you want to style to be, and in turn, what belongs in your capsule closet.

Any tech or tips that you have about having a capsule closet? Or any questions about my capsule experience so far? Share below!

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