Communal Coffee


Ever go back to your hometown and discover that there’s so much more it has to offer than when you were a kid?

Maybe it’s the ability to drive anywhere, or drink anything. Maybe these spots really weren’t there a few (or maybe more than a few…) years ago. Two of these are the case for today’s spot: Communal Coffee.

Communal Coffee Menu

It’s been around for just over a year in the North Park neighborhood, a solid drive from my home base of North County, and it’s worth visiting for more than the Instagram-friendly decor.

I’m not actually a coffee fan, but I found myself ordering the floral latte flight with a friend’s mom. Yes, you heard me right: floral latte flight. Their lavender honey latte is the only latte I’ve ever finished that wasn’t pumped with whipped cream.

Their motto is coffee + flowers, and not for the hippie vibes: there is actually a flower shop inside.

communal coffee flowers

It’s adorable. They’ll even build bouquets in there.

But even better than all those major attractions are all the little moments around the coffeeshop, all added together.



Communal Coffee Art

You know where to find me next time I’m in San Diego.

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