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The next Serial has entered our golden age of podcasts, and two book-to-show adaptations are rocking my world.

I keep promising myself I’ll get back to my reading goals for 2017, but the latest to watch and listen to is well worth putting a good book down. And that’s saying something.

Watch: Big Little Lies — HBO’s adaptation of the book is mesmerizing. I read Big Little Lies last year, right after reading The Husband’s Secret, and the two were polar opposites in the sense of characters and ending. I loved the characters so much more as I read THS, but the ending of BLL was both insanely shocking and gratifying at the same time. The show not only does this justice, but has a way with the characters that gives them more life and reliability than the book did. It might also have to do with career-defining performances by Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.

Listen: S-Town — I loved Serial, and their team has come out with a new 7-episode podcast called S-Town about a small town in Alabama and a man that thinks something needs to be done about it. I’m writing this blog post as of finishing it this morning, and found it both beautiful and intriguing throughout. Some say it’s better than Serial, and I think in some areas there’s major merit to that statement. But listen and find out for yourself (and make sure you check out the insanely beautiful website.)

Watch: 13 Reasons Why — I never read this book, but now I want to. I don’t know how our main character, Clay, paced himself through the 13 cassette tapes from is recently deceased classmate, because this show has driven me to download episodes to watch during my work commute. Because I need to know all 13 reasons, stat.

Listen: Missing Richard Simmons — Is it weird that the best podcasts are almost all about stalking people and learning way too much about them? Missing Richard Simmons is its own viral phenomenon, and the story is both upbeat and intriguing so far. I’m halfway through and have a bad feeling that I’ll finish it before the end of the week.

Anything you’re streaming that I should check out next?

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