Internet Field Day


Let’s catch up to talk about some hilarious s**t on the Internet today.

Mainly, #fyrefestival. Have you been watching the mayhem go down on Twitter? If the answer is no, where have you been?

TLDR: imagine if all of District 1 was sent to the Hunger Games and the rest of us poor districts who can’t spend $12K on a music festival got to watch and laugh as their punishment is gourmet food that turns out to be bread with sliced cheese on it. It’s a meme, it’s another Kendall Jenner PR failure, it’s Internet everything.

Another topic that keeps feeling like a joke but is definitely real is Amazon’s latest device, the Echo Look. In some ways, it feels like this could be actually useful as someone who doesn’t have a real mirror and is usually fairly annoyed about picking out an outfit. The Look can catalogue your clothing to suggest outfits, and take pictures of the outfit you’re wearing to asses the combination you’ve chosen.

But it also feels a little pretty Big Brother-esque, and raises the question — am I ready for someone other than a loving roommate to tell me my outfit sucks?

And finally, with no further comment, did you know that being President would actually be a hard job?

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