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Did you know that Tuesday is the ideal day to announce big news?

It’s perfect since everyone’s caught up on weekend email and in full #workmode to both cover and read about the news. Here’s some hot stuff that went live today:

British TV streaming service BritBox launches in U.S. (TechCrunch)

Need your UK drama fix? Sign up for the new streaming service BritBox, launched by BBC Worldwide for only $6.99 a month.

It’s a good price, with shows ranging from Ricky Gervais’ “The Office” to “Sherlock Holmes”—but where are the Doctor Who episodes? Doctor Who’s been off Netflix and Hulu for months now, and figured it would be an easy leading title on a BBC subscription service.

Speaking of Doctor Who…

The CIA referenced Doctor Who in one of its hacking tools (Mashable)

You might’ve seen that WikiLeaks has gotten a wave of secret CIA documents, detailing the methods they use to hack devices. One of those hacks is called the “Weeping Angel,” and is a tool used to hack Samsung smart TVs.

It makes sense why they called it that: the hack makes the computer look off, but it’s really on with the microphone engaged. Just like how angels look like statues, until you take your eyes off them.

Instagram Stories launches Geostickers as its Snap attack continues (TechCrunch)

We knew it was coming. Actually, I’m impatient for it to be here. The feature is only live in NYC and Jakarta, Indonesia, for now, but I’ll be waiting to give it a whirl when it hits the West Coast.

Amazon gives up fight for Alexa’s First Amendment rights after defendant hands over data (The Verge)

ICYMI, Amazon has been in a legal battle to against the police’s search warrant for Amazon Echo data around a murder case. But since the defendant has agreed to hand over the data, they’ve dropped the suit.

While it’s nerve-wracking to imagine devices in your home gathering data to use against you in the court of law, at least it can only happen at your discretion?

At least, for now. now supports collaborative editing through Google Docs (The Verge)

Guys, this is the extension of my dreams. I’m a huge Google Docs fanatic, much to the stress of anyone around me who tries to use Word (sorry not sorry that Docs is just better), and excited to no longer prep my posts in Docs to have to copy, paste and reformat over to WordPress. If you’re a WordPress user, give the extension a try and let me know what you think.

Any news caught your eye lately?

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