Tech Tuesday #2


There’s been some fun things underway this week in the tech world.

Everything Apple announced today (and what we’re still waiting for) (MacRumors)

Who needs press events anymore? Not Apple, at least not this time around. They made a bunch of minor announcements from a Product RED iPhone 7 to discontinuing the iPad mini 2.

Facebook’s new Messenger-like comments format is chat bubble overload (The Verge)

Have you seen this on your Facebook app yet? They’re currently testing comments in chat bubble form, in another attempt to make Messenger be everywhere no one wanted it to be. Personal opinion: hard pass.

Marie Kondo’s life-changing habit is about to become a lot more accessible (Well + Good)

Want to get into the KonMari method, but don’t want another book on your shelf that you’re supposed to be decluttering? Problem solved. iOS users can download the new KonMari app to get started on tidying up, with personalizing options like due dates and photo sharing.

This New Netflix Button Will Make Your Life Significantly Easier (Bustle)

No more debating on how many stars to rate something—now you can just like or dislike it. While yes, it makes it easier, it’s a bit of a bummer to see that we’re too lazy to do anything that has more than two choices. What if I only half like it?

The Hidden Breakthrough in Apple’s New Video App (WIRED)

Apple has launched a new app, Clips, for editing videos. Within the app you’re able to record, edit, add things like filters and stickers, and can even create live titles. Definitely need to test this one out.

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